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Do I sign my own lease or with roommates?

Campus Hill- Lehigh rents By the Unit with a joint and several Lease Agreement. This means that all tenants in a unit will sign one Lease Agreement and have one joint account with Campus Hill.

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What is the application and lease signing process for a joint and several Lease?

1. Each resident must complete an online application by visiting the property website at lehighcampushill.com and clicking apply. The application will prompt you to enter all roommates’ names and contact information.
2. If applicable, each resident will add a Guarantor to their account and the Guarantor will be required to complete their portion of the application.
3. Each resident will pay the application fee and administration fee.
4. Once the online application is complete for all roommates listed, Campus Hill- Lehigh will create one joint account for all residents.
5. Campus Hill- Lehigh will process screening on all residents and guarantors.
6. Once screening results are approved, Campus Hill- Lehigh will generate a lease for electronic signing.
7. All residents and guarantors will login to the portal and sign the lease agreement.
8. Residents will pay the redecoration fee and security deposit on the joint account.
9. Once all residents and guarantors have signed the lease and all fees have been paid, Campus Hill- Lehigh Management will counter-sign the document. A copy of the executed lease will be available for viewing on the Documents tab of the portal.

If additional residents or guarantors need to be added to the account after the lease has been executed, steps 1-9 will need to be completed again in entirety.

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What is a By the Unit Joint and Several Lease?

For a residential lease, joint and several liability means that each tenant is jointly AND separately responsible for the entire rent amount and for any damages.

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Is the community pet friendly?

Yes, Campus Hill- Lehigh is pet friendly. We allow up to two pets per unit; Cats, dogs up to 65 pounds, and fish are welcome. Please contact the leasing office for more details on requirements and associated fees.

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Is there parking available?

Yes, Campus Hill- Lehigh parking lots are permit parking only. Spaces are leased on a first come first serve basis. Please contact the leasing office for more details on registration, availability, and cost.

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What furniture is provided?

Campus Hill- Lehigh units are unfurnished. However, we do offer furniture package options. Please contact the leasing office for more details and pricing.

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What is included in rent?

Rent for all units includes trash and water/sewer up to $60 per quarter. Depending on location, residents will be responsible for electricity, gas, and/or heating oil. Please contact the leasing office to find the unit that best meets your needs. Campus Hill- Lehigh offers an optional cable/Internet package for $96/month.

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When is rent due?

Regardless of whether it is a holiday or weekend, rent is due on the 1st of the month. All monies due but not received by close of business on the 3rd day of the month are considered late and subject to late fees. Campus Hill- Lehigh accepts pre-payments for rent (quarterly, by semester, annually, etc.).

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How do I pay my rent?

The Resident Portal offers multiple payment options. Debit or credit card, automatic withdrawal, echeck, or you can remit a check or money order to the leasing office. To make a payment on the Resident Portal, select “Make a Payment.” Then enter the dollar amount that you want to pay followed by your payment information. To see your roommates’ payments, navigate to Payments> Roommate Payments in the portal.

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What if I have a maintenance issue or need in my apartment?

Non-emergency service requests can be submitted online via the Resident Portal. For emergency situations, please contact the leasing office directly by phone. Campus Hill- Lehigh offers 24-hour emergency maintenance service.

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How do I access the Resident Portal?

You can visit the Campus Hill- Lehigh website at lehighcampushill.com and click the Residents tab. Or visit the portal directly at https://campushilllehigh.residentportal.com.

Is there insurance coverage in the event of a fire, theft or natural causes? Does my Lease provide coverage for my belongings?

Residents or guest's personal property and vehicles are not insured under the apartment lease agreement. We require that all residents provide proof of insurance to our office. You can purchase a renter's insurance policy for a modest annual fee. Alternatively, your parents’ homeowners insurance may provide coverage for you at your apartment. Please contact the leasing office for more information about coverage requirements.

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How do I receive mail and packages?

Mail - Resident mail is delivered by the US Postal Service to your assigned mailbox. At move-in, you may receive a mailbox key. When you move-out, if you want to have your mail forwarded, you will need to complete a Change of Address Form with the local US Post Office or by visiting the USPS website.

Packages - Packages can be retrieved from your courier who will personally deliver to you and offer a notice for pick up if you were not home at the time of the delivery.

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